Update on H&ERWA’s ongoing issues with the BASC

Wildfowling Clubs Make Representation to New BASC Chairman


Over recent years the Humber wildfowling clubs have had concerns over the lack of support provided by the BASC on matters relating to wildfowling, in particular with regard to consents issued by Natural England (NE).

 This ongoing dissatisfaction with the service provided by the BASC culminated recently in Holderness & Humber Wildfowlers Association terminating its membership and some other Humber clubs reviewing their continued affiliation to the BASC, including H&ERWA! 

In order to establish if the problems that the Humber clubs were facing were being experienced elsewhere, or if this was just a local issue, H&ERWA invited a number of wildfowling club representatives from around the country to a meeting in Hull in early July.  The main topic of discussion was the role of the BASC in dealing with wildfowling matters at local and national levels and how our Association (BASC) was addressing the potential threats to wildfowling from organisations like NE in other areas of the country.  It was clear from the discussions that there was a lack of confidence in the way that the BASC is currently handling the potential threats facing our sport. The consensus from the meeting was that wildfowlers needs to unite to fend off any potential threats to our sport, from whatever source, to secure the future of traditional wildfowling.  All present were in agreement that the way forward required steering by the BASC but with better engagement, consultation and consideration of the best interests of the wildfowling community. 

 In follow up to a very enlightening meeting, those present endorsed an approach to the BASC in the form of a letter to the new Chairman of the BASC, Peter Glenser, expressing the concerns of those present. 

In the interests of openness and transparency we have included the letter here for your information.

letter BASC Chairman_July 2016 Final Version 13_7_16

We would encourage feedback and support from likeminded wildfowlers experiencing similar situations and conversely, we welcome comments from those that would disagree with our findings. We are committed to working together, with all parties to move forward in the best interests of wildfowling. 

Anyone wishing to comment or provide feedback on this approach is welcome to contact: 

Ken Arkley


Chairman, H&ERWA


Craig Jenkinson


Secretary, H&ERWA

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