Tidepool October 2016 Newsletter We hope you’ve got off to productive start to the  Wildfowling season We’ve masses of new stock available in the Ebayshop all available at a 10% discount to mailing list members,either ring and pay over the phone 0116 2776969 or email us on sales@tidepool.co.uk give us …

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Weather warning potential flooding

A ‘heads-up’ warning to wildfowlers accessing the foreshore on these next big tides   ffc-briefing-note-for-east-coast-flood-risk-from-28-september-2016-2

Clubs meet to discuss BASC issues

H&ERWA invited a number of wildfowling club representatives from around the country to discuss the role of the BASC in dealing with wildfowling matters at local and national levels and how our Association (BASC) was dealing with the potential threats to wildfowling from organisations like NE.   In follow up …

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Update on H&ERWA’s ongoing issues with the BASC

Wildfowling Clubs Make Representation to New BASC Chairman   Over recent years the Humber wildfowling clubs have had concerns over the lack of support provided by the BASC on matters relating to wildfowling, in particular with regard to consents issued by Natural England (NE).  This ongoing dissatisfaction with the service …

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Stop Clause 81 of the police and crime bill being passed as law

Government responded: The UK has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world and we are determined to keep it that way. The Government keeps the firearms licensing system under review to safeguard against abuse by criminals and to preserve public safety. Following Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary …

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FACE UK campaign – action on the EU Firearms Directive

 Where does your MEP stand on proposed changes to the European firearms law? Click here to go to our new European lobbying website where you can find out who your local MEP is and contact them about the proposed changes The European Commission is pressing for changes to the Firearms …

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Are BASC supporting wildfowling clubs???

A recent article in the Shooting Times and Country Magazine and the BASC magazine Shooting and Conservation has prompted this item. The article, entitled: BASC successfully supports wildfowling clubs in consent and lease negotiations made reference to the Humber estuary, placing it top of a list of success stories for …

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Upper Humber Wildfowling Day permits available

Upper Humber day permits are available to Basc members @ £10 per day only 4 permits are available per day Monday – Friday Please contact Rob Gutherless Upper Humber Permit Officer (North Bank) 01482 843753 after 6pm

Wildfowling Scenes by David Upton

Dave is a long standing club member  and avid wildfowler and has been painting for a few years. He has been featured in Sporting Gun and if you would like a painting Dave does commisions and you can request one via our contact page